A Shout-out to Remember

cemetery mississaugaThe grieving for the loss of a loved one seldom ends when all the funeral services are completed. You will carry the ache home as you attempt to go back to your daily routine. Losing those who are especially close to you like a spouse, parent, child or dear friend, can be heart-wrenching. Sometimes, you would wish that you can wear your grief on your sleeve and let the whole world know that you are still remembering someone’s memory.


If funeral songs are still playing on your car’s stereo, there is another way for you to honor your loved one by literally wearing a customized tee. “In Loving Memory” shirts, bumper stickers, caps and decals are only some of the ways to air out your sentiments to everyone you meet. You can even give them out as keepsakes to the other members of the family and close friends. The usual text would include the “In loving memory of” phrase, the name of the deceased person, and the years of their birth and death. If you opted for a shirt, you will then have something ready to wear by the time their first death anniversary rolls around.



Source: http://funeralideas.com/2010/02/in-memory-decals/