How Cemetery Plots Work

funeral planningWhen you are spear-heading the funeral planning for your loved one, it is easy to overlook the subject of cemetery plots. The flurry of activities can easily sidetrack you, especially if you have a number of relatives flying in to pay their last respects. Understanding the ins and outs of cemetery plots can help put your mind at ease.

The right to a perpetual grave site

In some parts of the world, relatives of the deceased will have to contend with the possibility of their their loved ones’ caskets being stolen, dug up or moved. If you have contracted with a cemetery in the US, you can be assured that the plot will remain at the same location, along with the markers and gravestone that you have placed. While this would mean that you can visit your loved one at any time, there are certain ways that the plot can be considered as abandoned. Check with your cemetery if your loved one has been buried in another state.

The perpetual care fund

To ensure that cemeteries are kept in good condition, they are to set aside a portion of their revenue to a perpetual care fund. Thus, you can expect of a well-maintained resting place for your loved one for years to come.