Choosing the Appropriate Type of Funeral

Funeral Director or Counselor in TorontoEach family has its own practices, traditions, and beliefs when it comes to funerals. In addition to that, there are also some external factors such as money, religion, and locale that also need to be taken into consideration.

There are different modes of funerals that families can decide upon. When making this decision, it is always important to consult all the members of the immediate family and to coordinate with the funeral homes involved in the handling of the body.

  • Full Service Funeral. The full service funeral is also called the traditional funeral since it involves the formal service where a viewing or visitation will be held before the body will be laid to rest in a cemetery through burial. There will also be prayers that will be offered and there will be eulogies that will be shared during the final funeral rites moments before the lowering of the casket to the ground. This type of funeral is preferred by Catholics and other religious people because it respects the body and it allows the family to grieve at a timely basis. However, because of all the inclusions of a traditional funeral, it is more expensive than the other modes.
  • Direct Burial. In direct burial, the family will not wait for days before the body will be buried. Instead, a few moments after the death, the body will be brought to the burial plot and will be buried even without the process of embalming. This method is a lot cheaper but the family would still need to choose caskets for the container of the body.
  • Direct Cremation. Direct cremation is the process wherein the body will be cremated a few moments after the death of the individual. This is the cheapest form of funeral sine there will be no payments for caskets and the fees will only be for the basic services rendered by the funeral home. In direct burial and direct cremation, the memorial service can be held after.