“Tell Me I Was Dreaming” – performed by Travis Tritt

“Tell Me I Was Dreaming” – performed by Travis Tritt

When I woke up this morning
Wiped the sleep from my eyes
Found a new day dawning
And suddenly I realize
You’re gone

Tell me I was dreaming
That you didn’t leave me here to cry
You didn’t say you don’t love me anymore
It was just my imagination telling lies
Tell me that you didn’t say goodbye

I’m in a state of confusion
I hope things aren’t what they seem
If this is really happening
Just let me go back to dream
You’re home

(Chorus 2 times)

Don’t tell me you didn’t say goodbye

The song “Tell Me I Was Dreaming” was performed by Travis Tritt. This is one of the songs that can be played during funeral services because it has great meaning that everyone can learn from.

If you listen to the lines, they will tell you the importance of life. Because just like what the song says, life is not permanent and it can never be replaced once it is gone. You can be laughing today but you might be weeping because of the loss of a dear friend tomorrow.

The song definitely relates to a lot of people who have lost someone due to accidents or sudden illnesses leading to death. No one ever expected that death was going to happen but it did. And it was too late to express love to those deceased people.

The piece talks about the initial stages of grief. People often deny the fact that everything is true. They expect all of these to be a dream and all they want to do is to wake up and snap out of this nightmare. Unfortunately, you realize that the death is real. You try to accept everything but you just cannot think straight because you are still confused. This is what everyone goes through: Confusion.

Even if you are very confused, you cannot change the fact that you have lost someone dear to your heart. And all you want to do is to lie back, and hope that you will see each other again in your dreams as your imagination drifts you away to a better place.

For all those grieving people, this song tells you that it is okay to be confused. It is normal to feel shocked and it is definitely okay to cry. But you need to remember that the secret to letting go is to accept that your dear family or friend has already said goodbye. If you visit www.songmeanings.net, you will find more funeral songs to choose from.

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  1. Angela steele
    Angela steele says:

    This song hit at home for me as this is true I am a medium so I know all the stanges of the crying hurting confusion that comes with sickness death and any other unfortunate events that may have or will occur as I live this on daily basis when connection is made with the other person I feel what they do.what I have is a gift and a curse in a sense but I wouldn’t change helping others when I can to give them the closer I can give them as I can still connect with their passed loved ones.im happy to say I feel this song helps with alot of the feelings that happen when uncontrollable things happen and that can’t be changed.but that don’t mean it can’t be understood and a way to help control how one may feel and to help us help them as they heal and understand up to that point time will help but it won’t ever actually fully heal it ,but it can help us understand it to the fullest extent that we can and to the best we know how.so always think of others before stones get thrown as why first.people hurt and they are left to deal with it and they never learned how to I feel this controlled alot of our emotions,actions, thought,ect so think before hurting others I am love and light and I’m happy to have had this opportunity to say this to help others along a hard time and path never give up it will get easier day by day and time.

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