Clarifications about Funeral Flowers

Funeral FlowersSending sympathy flowers to the family of the deceased is one of the most thoughtful yet common gestures that people do to extend their condolences. Unfortunately, there are still those who are confused as to how they are going to send the flowers, when to send them, and the urgency to buy floras for the grieving family.

To give you peace of mind, here are the answers to some of the most common questions about funeral flowers:

  • You can either call the flower shops for them to send the arrangement to the funeral home or you can personally bring the flowers. Some people are confused as to where they are going to send the flowers or if they are supposed to deliver them personally or not. The delivery does not really matter as long as there is a card that states who the sender is. It will be the job of the funeral director to accept all flowers and display them during the viewing. If you decide to bring the flowers yourself, the family will still gladly accept them.
  • Sending flowers is not compulsory. This is supposed to be an act of sympathy towards the family but it is not required that you send them. Sometimes, it will be better to call the family ahead of time if they would want to get flowers or they would prefer to receive monetary donations instead to help cover the funeral costs. If the family would wish for money, it is best that you honor their requests. You can also send both money and flowers if you are really close with the deceased.
  • In instances wherein you have heard about the death at a later time and the burial has already been completed, you can still send the family flowers even if the memorial is over. Mourning and grieving can last for a very long time and this will be a very sympathetic gesture to the family.