Common Mistakes Committed by Executors

mississauga funeralsExecutors making mistakes is not a very surprising event. With all the problems and responsibilities that executors are faced every day, making wrong decisions is actually pretty common. But there are mistakes that executors often make that should never be imitated by other and future executors.

The first common mistake is that executors usually ignore items on the will that they find unpopular or inconvenient.

  • Executors always find ways to make the job easier by suggesting to the families that they have a better idea than the one on the will even if it is not.
  • And since the families believe that the executor is the expert in this matter, they agree without hesitation.
  • Executors must remember that it is their job to follow every single item on the will no matter how inconvenient it is for them.
  • If the owners of the wills wanted to divide the properties among 10 people or chose to have gold caskets during the funeral, he should be able to carry them out.

Another very common mistake that executors do is that they keep a lot of secrets from the bereaved family.

v This happens to the extent of actually not showing the beneficiaries and the family the will that the deceased has made.

  • Some executors even compel the family to sign various documents without explaining the legalities of them and just say it is an important file that needs to be submitted.
  • There are times when the families get so frustrated with the executor not properly communicating with them that they look for a lawyer who could help them regarding the matter.
  • There are also executors that use estate money as if they owned them. News has been heard about some executors using the money to pay their own debts and getting into a new business venture.
  • There are even those honest executors that make the wrong decision of using estate money on the hotel and plane expenses of the relatives who will be attending the funeral. These are not part of the estate expenses even if they are part of the funeral prices.

So it is very important for executors to always follow the will so that these problems can be avoided.