Traditions that Catholics practice in Funerals

catholic funeralsJust like any other religions, Catholics also have their own set of traditions when it comes to death, grief and funerals.

Catholic Belief

Death in the family or in the community is always a very sad moment in life. The impact of death is always as shattering as in any other beliefs. But one great thing about Catholic belief is that the death of a person would only mean that his or her soul will now experience eternal life in the presence of God.

Catholic Funerals

Catholics have a lot of practices regarding funerals. Some of these have been done for a long period of time. Some of the traditional practices are also replaced by new practical ones.

  • When someone dies, Catholics usually go for traditional burials over cremation. But cremation is allowed for those who opt for this type.
  • After the death of the family member, the family’s duty is to inform the parish.
  • Once the church has been called, funeral services can be sought regarding the preparations.

Funeral Services

  • Roman Catholic Services will also be available if the family decides to go with it or if the will of the deceased states to do so.
  • In a Roman Catholic service, it is guaranteed that the body will be treated with respect and the family will be supported during times of loss and grief.
  • It is also common for Catholics to conduct Vigils as a form of service and to give out prayers for the soul of the departed.
  • A Catholic Vigil is usually held the night before the actual funeral where all families and friends gather and celebrate the good Christian life that their deceased member has lived.
  • The venue is where the body is laid, most of the time in funeral homes.
  • The Vigil is also the time where friends and relatives show their support for the loss of a family member.
  • Depending on the family’s choice, the eulogy may be read that night instead of reading it during the actual funeral.
  • A Catholic Funeral Liturgy is also celebrated within a Holy Mass. All prayers are given to appease the soul of the deceased and to send him safely to his or her eternal life with God.