The Famous Ann B. Davis Died on Sunday, June 1 , 2014

ann-b-davis-brady-bunch-obit-ftrThe American television actress Ann B. Davis died of a head injury last June 1 , 2014 Sunday afternoon. They said the actress  fell into her bathroom and never regain her consciousness, according to the TMZ news.  Death loves surprises, it can happen to everyone to anyone. We can’t tell when or how, most people were just surprised if things happen like this, like what happen to the star Ann Davis. This kind of news is quite controversial, especially if you are in the world of arts, like the actors and actresses.

For this kind of people who has loved by many, their families were not the only one to mourn but also those fans who truly admires Ann B. Davis. A good funeral service is expected to give for this kind of people. Many of her fans wanting to see her for the last time. It is very common in the showbiz world, that the families were expected to have the best service that they could offer for their family and that they can spend their time with their loved ones for the very last time.

Aside from having a good service in a funeral home, it is also expected that people in showbiz will get a glamorous funeral casket. Some of the actors and actresses, already have prepared casket for themselves in the future, it’s very common nowadays. In the world of showbiz, we cannot avoid some people who will judge you even in your very last moment on earth. Some may talk about poor service or dull coffin, that is maybe one of the reasons why some actors and actresses not just plans for their futures but also for their last journey on earth.

The star Ann B. Davis will surely have her last journey on earth a very memorable one because tons of people loves her. At this point, we can all remember how she made us feel about her every scene on television.