Five Common Violations Funeral Homes Face

funeral homesAs families undertake the tough task of funeral planning, their sadness over their loss can often make them susceptible to making rash and wrong decisions. For this reason, the Federal Trade Commission has obliged funeral homes to list prices of their services, among others, so whoever is making the arrangements will be able to compare prices and be able to make more informed decisions. Whether or not they are aware of it, these clients need not even have to purchase their caskets from the same funeral home that they contracted with for some services. Yet, many homes are still fined by the FTC for failing to follow the guidelines imposed on them. While the specific names of funeral homes are withheld, you as a potential client ought to be vigilant about the more common violations that are committed.


  1. Stashing away in their back rooms their cheaper casket options
  2. Not informing you about your right to buy a casket elsewhere or holding back information about their lower-priced options
  3. When there is significant delay in filing for death certificates
  4. When their records are not in proper order or updated accordingly
  5. When list prices are not provided to whoever will inquire of them