Happy Funerals: A Celebration of Life

2550628232_0583d8d85aThere’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a loved one.  It is indeed one of the saddest times we do not wish on anyone. While it is tragic beyond compare, to others, such occasion shouldn’t have to be solely focused on grief.

As more people wish to celebrate the deceased’s life other than mourn their death, happy funerals are increasingly embraced the world over. The concept was first popularized by the Irish people in New Orleans and later on began to spur within the British community.

In Britain, a survey conducted among 2,000 people by ICM found that 54% wanted their funeral to be a “celebration of life”. Another 48% said they want their favorite “hobby, colour, football team or music” to be included in the ceremony.

From Somber to Celebratory

Grieving the loss of a loved oneis never easy. With this in mind, the rise of happy funerals paved the way for the occasion’s tone to be closer to celebratory than somber: Fond recollections of the deceased’s memories, triumphs as well as stories that put a smile on people’s faces. Here, one may see people in a more positive mood.

Happy funerals vary from family to family. With the availability of audio/visual equipment as well as other forms of technology, some of the most common practices make use of much lighter songs such as Monty Python’s Always Look On The Bright Side of Life and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and Who Wants to Live Forever. Dancing is also another form of activity. Moreover, people in this event are discouraged to wear black.

Others go as far as planning their own funerals, with many already making arrangements to celebrate their individuality in the most joyous way possible.

To Each His Own

Happy funerals aren’t for everyone. Others still find that the best way to honor those who have passed on is to keep the mood solemn and quiet.

Whichever funeral service one is do or prepare for someday, the most essential part is taking the time to remember the deceased, reminisce their days of being with us and remember them always.