Heaven Couldn’t Wait For You? (Heaven by Beyonce)

heaven by beyonceLosing someone so young is one of the most tragic events that a person can experience especially if the deceased is someone really close to the heart. A mixture of different indescribable feelings arise which, all in all, is difficult to process. The bereaved would be left thinking about the different memories that they could have made and the different things that they should have said and done.

The video illustrates the special bond between two people. It could be a friend, a family member, or someone you loved dearly. The video showed different flashbacks of the experiences that Beyonce and the girl had and it could also be the experiences that they could have experienced together. This song perfectly describes those who has struggled with handling a terminally ill or very sick person. Just like the first line of the song, the character fought hard for the deceased by supporting the person when she was alive and she had to be the strongest person to survive the situation and be able to deal with it without breaking down.

This makes this one of the perfect funeral songs to sing in funeral services as it is not only heartfelt and true but also a solemn song to sing. It also includes the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish which is also an appropriate ending to the song. Below are the lyrics to the song for your reference.

[Verse 1]

I fought for you

The hardest, it made me the strongest

So tell me your secrets

I just can’t stand to see you leaving



But heaven couldn’t wait for you

No heaven couldn’t wait for you

Heaven couldn’t wait for you

No heaven couldn’t wait for you

So go on, go home


[Verse 2]

We laughed at the darkness

So scared that we lost it

We stood on the ceilings

You showed me love was all you needed


[Hook x3]



So go on go home

Padre Nuestro

Que estas en el cielo

Santificado sea tu Nombre

Venga tu reino

Hagase tu voluntad

En la tierra como en el cielo