The Band Perry’s If I Die Young

If I Die YoungDying young is not what individuals would imagine to happen to their lives or even to other people’s lives. As much as possible, we would all want to live our lives fully as much as possible. This would mean having to experience every milestone that needs to be experienced in life such as the first walk and talk, the first day of school, graduation, prom, the first day of college, and many more. These are just some of the wonderful milestones that each person should be able to experience. However, there are those unfortunate events that happen in life that we often could not control. This is why the saying “You only live once,” is a fact. We all have one lifespan to live and we should all make it count.

As aforementioned, there are times wherein we could not avoid an unfortunate event. As tragic as it sounds, there are some events that sound so normal such as getting a fever and not recovering from it. Losing a young loved one is painful especially if that person is a son or a daughter who has a life ahead of him or her. The Band Perry’s If I Die Young is one of the funeral songs that is being used in funeral services that best captures the situation. The lyrics of the song tells a tale of a young girl that talks about how she wants to be buried in satin if she dies at a young age. The song talks about how her passing should not be a burden to all her loved ones. As the lyrics say, “Gather up your tears, keep them in your pocket and save them for a time for when you really going to need them.”

In life, there are always unexpected things that might happen. We might not have a heads up about what is going to happen but when it does, we should all look at any event in a different perspective. Even if it comes to a point that someone dies young, it does not mean that life, as we know it, is over. It means that we should continue living our lives for the best.