How can reading self-help books help you cope with grief?

No one can ever deny the power that rests in the written word. Since the proliferation of pictorial language and the invention of paper, books have captured the minds and hearts of everyone, young and old alike. Today, books still help you understand concepts and learn new ideas. 

For this reason, reading self-help books is a powerful tool to help you cope with your negative emotions after the funeral services. They can help you work through intense feelings that threaten to overpower your being. Experts call the art of seeking solace and support in literature bibliotherapy.

Thus, if you’re struggling with immense grief after the funeral ceremonies, one coping mechanism to get you through the tough times is reading. If you still feel unsure about this, check out what reading can do for you. May these words inspire you to head to the nearest bookstore for inspiration. Alternatively, don’t spend a penny at all and read in your local library. 

Fosters a Connection With Other People

Reading is a gift that keeps on giving. It is a tool that allows you to build empathy for others. Whether you are mourning or you know someone who is grieving the recent demise of a loved one, turning to books can help you manage your feelings by offering new perspectives. 

For starters, reading allows you to understand what someone is going through. Besides, sharing stories and insights about what you’ve read fosters connections with other people. If you are still nursing raw wounds after burying a loved one, you can join a book club. This dispenses with the small talk and allows you to focus on what you’ve read, instead. Having discussion points to look forward to will keep your mind busy and help you feel a bit of normalcy during trying times. 

Provides a Temporary Positive Escape

Though it is not a good idea to run away from your grief or pretend it doesn’t exist, you still need a break from the harsh realities of life from time to time. Reading is the perfect solution for that as it grants you a temporary escape. Whether it’s a rom-com, mystery, or science fiction novel, you can enter a new world that allows you to momentarily forget your problems. 

For best results, take caution in choosing your book. Avoid heavy topics that can only trigger dark emotions. Steer clear of those that focus on death, drama, and violence. They may backfire and end up upsetting you. It would help to look for book reviews to find summaries and commentaries from others who have already read them. Keep an eye out for trigger warnings and heed them. 

Offers Comfort and Familiarity

Curling up with a book when you’re mourning offers a sense of familiarity that can be very comforting for your poor battered heart and soul. Whether you grew up reading Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, or Sherlock Holmes, finding time to revisit old childhood favorites brings back good memories. This will make you feel happy and help you overcome a difficult period. 

Moreover, many individuals note that certain book themes elicit the onslaught of memories they once shared with the deceased. If your dearly departed loved one enjoyed a particular novel, taking time to read it now will help you recollect positive memories and provide you with better insight into your loved one’s personality. 

Helps Bring Emotions to the Forefront

Grief is definitely too big of a burden to carry. Fortunately, reading can provide you with a reprieve and help you unburden the heavy load you grapple with. For instance, picking up a lighter book with plenty of humor can make you laugh and smile. This will certainly make you feel more like your usual self.

At times, reading a book that matches your mood can propel your pent-up emotions to the surface. For example, reading may stir up your bottled-up feelings, allowing you to finally release them and have a good cry. Definitely, reading allows you to express your sadness in a healthy and productive manner. 

Assures You Don’t Feel Totally Alone

When you’re mourning, you may feel isolated. That’s normal, especially when the death is new. You may feel as if no one truly understands what you’re going through. Thankfully, reading a self-help book that enters on the theme of grief assures you are not alone. 

Whether you grab a fiction or non-fiction book, the themes discussed there would give you a voice and make you feel as if you’ve been seen and heard. In addition, it is common for readers to identify with biographies or even fictional characters. 

Remember, “making friends with a book” by picking it up is a helpful tool, ensuring you can deal with your emotions. In these trying times, it is very important to not feel alone. Apart from reading a book, you can also reach out to family and friends. Do not hesitate to open up to them because they are also eager to help you out. During these crucial times, sharing stories over coffee and leaning on others for support can help you let go and move on.