How To Memorialize a Loved One at Your Wedding?

If you recently concluded the funeral services of a loved one, it is understandable why you may want to honor this person at your wedding. Although funeral ceremonies are entirely different from weddings, they do celebrate the same concept. And that is love!

However, honoring your beloved family member or friend who has recently died during your big day can be quite tricky. After all, you don’t want to dampen the mood and still keep the celebratory spirit and festive atmosphere for yourself and guests. 

Do you need ideas memorializing a departed loved one during your forthcoming nuptials? The deceased and the people who feel close to the departed will certainly find your thoughtfulness meaningful and endearing. Sharing your special day is a great way to honor and pay respect to the person.

Check out these wonderful options for your wedding: 

Suggestions For the Ceremony Itself

If you strongly feel the person’s absence as you say your vows, there are several ways to memorialize the deceased during the ceremony. You can try the following:

Observe a Moment of Silence

Hold a moment of silence for your departed loved one. This is one of the most popular ways for people to pay tribute to dead loved ones during weddings. It gives the couple and all the guests a chance to enjoy quiet time and reflection on the deceased’s life. It also signifies the departed person’s influence and impact on the couple. Observing a moment of silence shows respect and admiration for the one who passed away without dampening the fun mood of the wedding. 

Use Photo Charms on Trinkets

Thanks to the advent of the digital revolution, many people have a collection of photos. Thus, photo charms are an excellent way to memorialize those who cannot attend the wedding personally. It can include as many people as you wish. You can string four to five tiny charms and incorporate them into the bridal bouquet. Alternatively, It can be printed as tiny buttons for the groom’s cufflinks. Photo charms can be as small or large, depending on how you want them to be. You can also get creative with placement options, so let your creative juices flow.

Hold a Reserved Seat

Others have used an empty chair to represent their departed loved ones who cannot be physically present at the wedding. You can keep the chair vacant or place a memento on top of the seat like flowers, name insignias, or even a picture frame. The guests will immediately know why the seat is empty and who should have been sitting in it.

Ideas for the Reception

Apart from the ceremony, you can also memorialize things during the reception itself. It would be more fun to celebrate with the thought that your departed loved one is there with you in spirit. Here are some suggestions to consider: 

Memorial Table or Photo Wall

You can make a photo wall or memorial table full of pictures of your family and friends who have passed away. Make sure the frames, flowers, and other design details align with the theme of our wedding. Adding decorative touches will create a festive atmosphere because weddings bring families together in unity. 

Add a Fave Dish to the Menu

If your departed loved one is famous for a specific dish, you can honor their memory by including it in your party. You can add it during the cocktails, main meal, or even dessert. Placing the deceased’s name like Nana’s Apple Compote or Popo’s Prime Rib will be an endearing way to honor their memory. 

Include in the Invites or Favors

You can also find ways to memorialize the deceased in your invitation or your wedding favor. Check out these examples: 

Wedding Favors

Most weddings have giveaway favors so all the guests can remember your special day. For example, if you want to honor a departed loved one, you can choose a trinket that signifies his or her interest or hobbies. To illustrate, if you want to memorialize your late dad, you can give out his favorite cigars or bottles of wine. Just add stickers with the important information and use ribbons following your wedding motif. 

Put It in the Invite

You can also opt to place a special section in your invitation “in loving memory” of your dearly departed. Putting this at the bottom of your wedding invitation is an excellent way to recognize the absence of your loved one. It shows how much this person means to you, especially if the loss is recent. 

There is no right or wrong way to memorialize your loved one. After all, death is a very personal matter. You can think of personal ways to cope with your loss that makes you feel comfortable. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness because weddings celebrate love. And the reason you are memorializing is that the heart doesn’t stop loving even if the physical body is long gone.