“My Last Breath” by Evanescence

The death of a loved one takes a lot out of us. A floodgate of thoughts and emotions open in all corners and we can’t help but fail to comprehend what we think and how we feel. Despite wishing we never have to deal with it, death is a fact of life. Whether it’s all too sudden or an anticipated event, it’s still beyond overwhelming.

We deal with death in many ways. Some of us lock ourselves up in our room and left the days drift away. Others find solace in spending time with loved ones or getting away from it all. Many of us turn to songs to help us make sense of how we feel during these trying times.

There are a lot of songs that speak of loss, death and overcoming it. One is My Last Breath by Evanescence.

What makes this song stand out is that the singer speaks as though s/he is about to depart this world. Let’s go ahead and explore the meaning behind the verses.

Hold on to me love

You know I can’t stay long

All I wanted to say was

I love you and I’m not afraid

Can you hear me?

Can you feel me in your arms

When we deal with someone dying, we want to spend as much time with the person as possible. We want to make every minute count because the thought of losing this person ends up becoming unbearable. We are rendered weak but thanks to the strength of our dying beloved, our pain is somehow relieved.

The dying becomes the light in the darkness that we are in right now. They give us the assurance that they are ready to face the inevitable, that they are brave to face this tumultuous phase of their lives and we too, must gradually accept their fate no matter how difficult.

Holding my last breath

Safe inside myself

Are all my thoughts of you

Sweet raptured light,

It ends here tonight.

The dying speaks to us through these lines, telling us that they’ve had a good life and are grateful to have spent time with you and their loved ones while they were still alive and well. In turn, we are reminded of all the good times we had with this person, all the ups and downs we learned from the person through love, friendship and/or intimacy.

As painful as it may seem, there is a glimmer of hope knowing that our dearly beloved will soon be in God’s arms, safe from all the harms of this world and finally be at peace in another lifetime. No longer will they have to suffer from worldly pains. Somehow and in some way, it’s a soothing and reassuring feeling that something good will come out of this.

I’ll miss the winter

A world of fragile things

Look for me in the white forest

Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)

I know you hear me,

I can taste it in your tears.

This is the moment when the dying reminisces everything they’ve been through in this world, particularly those days spent with you and their loved ones. They may be departing sooner than you will. However, the song reminds us that in another time and place, we will see each other again feeling much more at peace, fulfilled and loved.

Death is a tireless inevitable fact of life. However, learning to face the music allows us to accept it in a better way. We all have our own means of dealing with the dying and death. Hopefully, we can always remember that death is not the end; that surely one day, you and your beloved will meet once more.

Closing your eyes to disappear

You pray your dreams will leave you here,

But still you wake and know the truth –

No one’s there.

Death is the grandest tragedy there is. No matter how prepared we think we are, we still end up feeling that big hole inside of us getting bigger and much more hollow. It comes as strong, unwavering waves that sweep us constantly for a very long time.

Say goodnight, don’t be afraid

Calling me, calling me, as you fade to black.

The dying, as s/he takes his/her final breath, reminds us to not be afraid. The person tells us to be ready and to be brave for what’s to come. Surely, you won’t be alone in your struggle.

It will be painful because the person mattered to you. However, it doesn’t mean that everything else becomes hopeless and meaningless. You may feel this way now but trivial as it sounds, things will get better.


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  1. Amy mefs
    Amy mefs says:

    My names Amy lynn. I was going through the whole bunch of losses in my life. Was in a toxic and abusive relationship with a man I truly loved and was mourning his loss after he cheated. I have a father duh said he would always be there for me and due to being homeless I I’d end up in a situation where I was drugged,tied up and raped. When I got away from that horrible situation and environment , i
    Went to my moms and the first thing i was told was to get the “F” out. I asked my dad to help me please get a place or let me stay with him he refused even after knowing the facts like he or my mom did not care I almost died on top of that too. Also due to being homeless I was not with my kids like usual, they were staying with their dad. Parents where mad I was using drugs but I had told them even Jesus Christ himself would have done something to take the pain away. I was about to commit suicide when I had a flash back of my kids and their smiles…. they saved my life. Listening to Evanescence she was pinpointing how I felt. When she was talking about come find me in the white forest hiding in hollow tree in the song “My Last Breath” gives me chills…for i think of hanging in the cold forest. Hauntingly beautiful she is..Amy Lee has the most beautiful voice of an angel, in fact she IS MY angel jus like in song “hello” she was giving me someone to talk too. She was there for me and she is truly inspiring hauntingly beautiful Angelic voice. The piano and hard rock is just fantastic beautiful combination. Thank you Amy Lee and Evanescence also thank you God for Jesus Christ is my savior now. 🙂

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