Healing Through Sound and Song: Funeral Music Therapy

Funerals are a time of profound grief, yet music can offer a powerful tool for healing and solace. Funeral music therapy goes beyond simply playing songs the deceased enjoyed. It utilizes the power of music to navigate the emotional complexities of grief, fostering connection, and creating a space for remembrance. Read more

Celebrating Life With A Personalized Memorial Service

In the face of loss, a memorial service offers a chance to grieve, to gather loved ones, and to celebrate the life that has passed. But how can we ensure this event transcends a somber occasion and becomes a true reflection of the unique person we’re honoring? The answer lies in personalization. By incorporating details that speak to the deceased’s passions, personality, and life experiences, we can create a memorial service that celebrates who they were and the impact they left behind. Read more

What are some upbeat and uplifting songs for celebrating life at funerals?

Losing a loved one is undeniably one of the most heartbreaking experiences in life. Funeral services are undoubtedly a time for mourning the profound loss. However, it’s not uncommon these days to celebrate life at funerals. It’s now seen as an opportunity to honor the life of the departed soul in a more meaningful way. One way to celebrate life is through uplifting songs that honor our loved ones.  Read more

What are Appropriate Funeral Songs for the Death of a Friend?

Music has the power to evoke emotions and memories, making it an essential element of any memorial service. The right music can provide comfort and guidance during difficult times, especially if you’re grappling with the loss of a dear friend. This can be very devastating because a bond shared with a close friend is incomparable, as your relationship is often filled with laughter, support, and shared experiences.  Read more

How Can I Personalize My Loved One’s Funeral?

After a loved one dies, funeral planning may feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time doing it. It’s understandable if you feel lost and confused because you could also be in mourning. Even professional event planners may find it hard to know where to start if they have to plan for the memorial services of a loved one. If you’re in this situation, fret not because there are many thoughtful ways to celebrate the life of a departed loved one.  Read more

Funeral Song: Left and Right

Left and Right by Charlie Puth and Jungkook

Song Lyrics

Memories follow me left and right

I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here

You take up every corner of my mind (what you gon’ do now?)

Ever since the d-day y-you went away (no, I don’t know how) Read more

How To Write a Meaningful Obituary That People Will Read From Start to Finish?

Writing an obituary for a loved one can feel overwhelming. An obituary is akin to a eulogy, with the difference is the former is printed in newspapers or posted online while the latter is often spoken at funerals. They both pay homage to the deceased to honor the life that once was and to say a poignant goodbye. 

If you’re tasked to write the obituary, it can be difficult to find the right words. It’s daunting to assess what important details you want to include while you are mourning and dealing with grief. Besides, how can you fully encapsulate the person’s whole life and do justice to their legacy in just a few short paragraphs?  Read more

Top 5 funeral songs to honor the death of a friend

Losing a dear friend is just as debilitating as losing a blood relative. After all, friends are akin to a family member that you get to choose. The grief you feel may be just as intense as the relatives of the deceased, but the sad part is mourning close friends often overlooked by condoling guests. Typically, they immediately give words of comfort or perform thoughtful gestures for the immediate family.  Read more

How Do I Grieve During The Holiday Season?

The holidays can be bittersweet if you’ve just recently celebrated the funeral services of a loved one. In fact, even if the funeral ceremonies happened a decade ago, you can still feel melancholic during the holiday season because of a noticeably empty seat.  Read more

How Far is Heaven by Kitty Well

How far is heaven?

Let’s go tonight, I want my daddy to hold me tight.


A little girl was waiting for her daddy one day

It was time to meet him, when she heard her mommy say

Come to mommy darling, please do not cry

Daddy’s gone to heaven, way up in the sky Read more