The Death of another Bee Gees member: Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb, a life in pictures

Although many people have expressed their concerns regarding the deteriorating health of Robin Gibb when he was still alive, everybody was still saddened and shocked when the announcement of his death was already made public.
The announcement was made by the family of the late singer through a statement from their representative. At the age of 62, Gibb was battling the disease (cancer) and he even underwent intestinal surgery. Eventually, his body gave up. He passed away in England.

His cancer started in the colon and spread in the liver. According to the news, the late singer was still able to make a request to his son before he died. He wished that they play a Bee Gees song during his funeral service. Reports say that the family played “How Deep Is Your Love” which was written and performed by the Bee Gees in 1977. Many people think that this song was the perfect choice since it shows that even in his death people will still love him and his music no matter what.

In the third quarter of 2011, the singer was already complaining of experiencing problems in his stomach. He was admitted for checkup and the doctor found out that his colon was inflamed. This deeply worried the family because his twin Maurice Gibb also died due to intestinal problems in the year 2003.

He was then diagnosed with cancer. In the early months of 2012, the singer even fell into coma. This was due to pneumonia. Luckily, after a week, he was able to regain consciousness but he was still very weak. Some doctors even said that Gibb had other tumors that were blocking his colon. In 2010, he underwent surgery for tumor removal.

After his death, the only member of the Bee Gees who is still alive is his brother Barry Gibb, now 65 years old.

The family is deeply heartbroken due to their loss but they believe that it is better for him to rest than to suffer due to his illnesses. A memorial service for the artist was planned for the fans to pay respects and give funeral quotes in the coming months.