The Importance of Including Funeral Expenses in the Will

funeral services torontoJust as people evade the grim task of funeral planning in the event of their demise, they are as touchy about preparing their will. Little do they know that the price they pay for putting it off can be steep. Depending on your state or country, your estate may be liable to pay inheritance taxes if you have not planned for a will. If you have been cohabiting with a loved one, chances are, not having a will in place may cut them off from your estate. The other people in your life that are not related to you but are otherwise significant, may not also get a share. Opening your eyes to such possible risks may change your mind about preparing for a will.

On top of these, your family will be saddled with decisions on funeral services, caskets, and the like, after you have gone. The least you can do to ease them of the grief of losing you is to plan ahead for the expenses and detail them in your will. Failing to do so could result to family members feuding with each other over the kind of funeral to give you and as to who will answer for the expenses.