General Breakdown of Funeral Casket Cost

funeral homesBefore you start ranting about the steep price quotes given by funeral homes for your loved one to have the respectable funeral they deserve, take a look at some of the details stated therein. One of the items included in the price quote could be the funeral casket and, depending on the kind you have picked out, these things can go as high as five figures. You can ask for options on the caskets if these are available but some information on its parts can guide you in the making of specific choices.

Funeral caskets come in different exterior materials. The stained woods like cherry, mahogany, or pine, by themselves, can vary in price so you can expect that other materials like steel or other metals or even marble will make a good impact on the its over-all price as well. For the interior materials, the luxurious feel of velvet or the smooth touch of crepe will come with a higher price tag so if you want so save on costs, pick satin for the interior. On top of these, any personalization or custom-work you want on the casket will also cost more so skip these add-ons if you are on a limited budget.