Tips on Writing a Eulogy for your Father

funerals for dad mississaugaWriting a eulogy for someone who’s really close to you can be a very emotional process. If it is difficult enough to write something for a friend, it will be much more difficult when you are doing it for your father.

This relationship can be of a biological standpoint, but even if it is of an adoptive nature, no one can question the influence that this person gave to your life. You can never put all those into writing but you can summarize everything and tell the rest of the people how great of a father he has been.

People who ask how to write eulogy for their father need to be aware that when writing something, it needs to come from the heart. You are not writing for the spectators and the guests but for the person whom you have lost.

Here are some points to remember:

  • Reminisce all the good memories that you had with your dad. You can look at old pictures, childhood videos and even your diary.
  • Write about those precious memories that you have shared with your dad.
  • Do not be afraid to cry when you are writing the eulogy because it is normal. At this time, you just need to write without any stops.
  • Do not think about sentence structures and grammars yet. What you need to think about are the memories with your dad.
  • Also, write three qualities that your father had which you admire the most and explain why you like those traits and how each characteristic influenced your personality as his child.
  • Do not neglect to write about what your father loved to do when he was still alive. Any hobbies or a particular enthusiasm of something will be great.

Once you are done writing about these three genres which are memories, qualities and favorite things, compile the three into one meaningful speech. This will be the time that you need to edit out certain things to make the flow better. You will be reading this in front of all the guests during the funeral services but give your speech as if you were talking to your dad.