What are Good Memorial Gifts to Show Love and Support

Are you finding a way to comfort someone who has experienced loss? Are you wondering what you can do or say to that person whom you want to sympathize with? Of course, a heartfelt and well-written letter is always a good idea but there are also other ways wherein you can show your love and care to the bereaved after the cremation or funeral services

One of the ways you can provide comfort over the usual sympathy cards is by giving bereavement gifts. Giving bereavement gifts is a tangible way you can express your love and support to the grieving person. But the question is, what are the good and appropriate memorial gifts? Of course, you’d want to give something thoughtful that the bereaved family would actually find useful. 

Many people are unsure and inexperienced in this area. If you are one of those many people, then you might find a list of ideas helpful. The following are memorial gift ideas you might want to consider giving to a person in grief over someone’s loss.

  • Grief Journal

Giving a grief journal will help the bereaved person slowly go through the process of grief. Many say that writing is cathartic because the act of penning your thoughts to paper is healing. You can buy a beautiful notebook that matches the personality of the recipient to make them feel inspired to write. There are also specific journals with writing prompts that help stimulate the mind while helping the bereaved process turbulent feelings. Grief journaling helps the bereaved tremendously because they’re able to release their pent-up emotions. A journal may seem simple but it can help any person physically process whatever he or she is feeling. You can give it with a matching pen to motivate the recipient to write.

  • Memory Book

A memory book is one of the gifts you can give to the bereaved. You can fill it with beautiful memories and share all those fond memories with the bereaved. If you’re the crafty kind, you can have pictures printed and make a scrapbook with artifacts like concert tickets or pressed flowers. Alternatively, you can also make digital scrapbooks and have the memory book sent directly to the deceased’s home. 

  • Memorial Tree

Planting a memorial tree is something you can offer to someone experiencing loss. Giving and dedicating a single tree will mean a lot to them, especially if they can watch the tree grow from a small seedling to a larger tree with branches reaching the sky. A memorial tree will last and live on for many generations. You can also include a frame containing pictures, a geographical location, and a memorial certificate. It will be a very memorable and meaningful present. It’s a unique bereavement support idea that many recipients love and appreciate. 

  • Positive Thoughts Jar

Another great gift idea that you might want to consider giving is the positive thoughts jar. At a time of mourning, keeping a positive mindset is not an easy thing to do. You can give a jar filled with little positive notes and reminders to help and encourage positive thinking. Encourage the one morning to take a note each day, especially when they’re lacking the motivation to get up. This jar may seem like a simple present, but it can do wonders for a grieving soul. 

  • Snack Set

You will never go wrong with giving food to show your support and care. After all, everyone needs to eat for nourishment. And this holds true, especially for those who are grieving. They may not have the time, energy, or inclination to prepare food. You can include a mixture of savory and sweet snacks in your gift basket. If you know how to bake, you can make your signature special treats for them. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to give your gift basket with a customized thoughtful message. This little note with your handwriting will make the recipient feel extra special.

  • Potted Plants

Traditionally, flowers are the top choice as gifts. However, bouquets and wreaths whither and die. If you want something more lasting, you can try giving a potted plant the bereaved can care for. It may help take their mind off their dark emotions. You can choose something resilient and easy to grow like succulents or fortune plants. Avoid those that can be hard to maintain and wilt when not given a lot of care. But if you know your grieving friend has a green thumb, gifting pretty flowers may lift up their mood. A potted plant with a note is a thoughtful gift idea because it will also clear toxins from indoor air and help the occupants breathe easier.

  • Lantern Picture Frame

If you want to console someone in mourning, you can also try giving a lantern picture frame. It will be a unique picture frame perfect that creates visual interest and perfect for beautifying their home. The lantern picture frame safely combines a picture frame and candle, allowing you to shine light to your beloved. 

  • Digital Photo Frame

This gift idea is perfect for their office or even their home. This digital photo frame allows you to upload all the good memories they’ve had with the deceased. Choose pictures so that your gift is ready for display. 


We hope these memorial gift ideas helped you decide what to give to a mourning friend. Know that memorial gifts are great but remember that the best present you can give to someone in grief is your kind and supportive presence.