When the Dead is Scammed

funeral serviceFuneral homes in some towns often receive a bad rap for preying on grieving families. The circumstances are often similar with small communities not having that much choice but to avail of their lone funeral home’s services. While federal regulations are indeed in place to prevent fraudulent transactions, there are still a few areas where the bereaved family will be left feeling taken advantaged of in their time of sorrow.

It is a common perception that homes are often guilty of overcharging on caskets. They often explain that the healthy margin is for the fees they need to be responsible for or to cover the losses that they may be experiencing. However, if you take the time to read the fine print of their contracts, you may be confused to find a few more items sneaked in there as well. Things like the use of certain rooms, supplies, parking space or event charges are tucked in along with the others. The key to avoiding these unpleasant surprises is to do comparative shopping first before committing to a certain package. A trusted friend can also serve as your sounding board and counsel to warn you before making rash decisions.



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