Why People Delay Advance Funeral Planning

funeral planningDoing your funeral planning in advance offers you plenty of advantages. You can go through life with that peace of mind knowing that you will not be a burden to your family when you pass. If you are particular about how your funeral should be handled, then the advance planning can ensure that your wishes will be carried out. However, many people are still hesitating about the practice for a couple of reasons:

Lack of funds

When you plan for your funeral, one aspect you will be taking care of is the payment for the funeral services. This means setting aside a budget for it on top of whatever expenses you have on your plate right now. The idea is to distribute the total funeral cost over an agreed period of time. While this may require you to come up with the extra amount now, your family can reap the benefits later when they need not pool money together for the whole sum.

Concept of death

The thought of passing away is still taboo to many people, and since they avoid talking about it, they avoid planning for it as well. Death, however, may come sooner than they expected so the better prepared they are for it, the less burden they will be leaving on their loved ones.



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