A Talk on Grief- Open Event

A Talk on Grief- Open Event 2013Grief is always something that people feel whenever they undergo through a loss especially when a death in the family occurs. The best form of mourning is crying because people get to release their feelings through their tears and their sobs.

Unfortunately, some people tend to hide their grief and this could lead to the person not overcoming the pain and the loss for a long period of time.

Anne L. Simmonds has been a nurse and is currently a clergy and counselor who has first- hand experience with people and families that deal with grief and death. She has organized a Talk on Grief for winter 2013 and is scheduled on February 10, 2013 from 7:30 to 9:30 in the evening.

The venue for this talk will be at the Jubilee United Church in Toronto. Topics about death and grief will be tackled from the grief felt in the hospital bed, the funeral homes, to the service and the burial of the body.

This talk is an open event which means anyone interested in learning about grief and how to stay healthy even when mourning can attend and listen.

One of the main points that will be delivered during this talk is the fact that grieving is normal and people especially the families of those who have lost someone should never be ashamed to grieve.

If you want to learn how to write eulogy for a father, you have to feel your grief to express what is in your heart. You also have to grieve in order to accept the loss and move forward in your life even without the presence of the person that you love.

With the experience of Anne Simmonds when she was still a nurse to her duties as a hospital chaplain, she will be able to impart useful information about grief.