Alternative Forms of Funerals

Alternative Forms of Funerals in TorontoThe death of an individual may mean that the person will no longer be with the family in this realm. But many people believe that the life of that person should be celebrated even though people are mourning for the loss. Because of this, people seek the assistance of funeral homes to give them alternative funerals instead of the traditional ones.

This is not just an issue on money but it is also a way to look for other ways in commemorating the deceased person. Today, alternative funerals are becoming quite popular.

Here are a few of the most popular ones practiced in recent times:

  • Cremation. Cremation is definitely the most popular alternative to the traditional funeral. This is mainly due to the fact that cremation costs are lower compared to the fees of a traditional burial process. In addition to that, cremated remains of loved ones can also be remembered more through placing them in cremation urns and jewelry pieces which can be brought at home or worn anywhere they go. Many people choose cremation in their preneed plans but cremation is also the choice for the families of deceased people who died without a plan.
  • Green Funeral. Another method that is becoming famous today is the green funeral. In this form, every component of the funeral must always abide the laws of nature. In most cases, the deceased body is not embalmed and it is buried as quickly as possible. There are also non expensive caskets since the body will be placed in a biodegradable container. There are green cemeteries where the bodies can be buried. Families can plant a tree on the spot of the burial too.
  • Home Funeral. A home funeral is when the family decides to hold the viewing and the service at home before it is brought to the cemetery for the burial. In most situations, the body is still placed in a casket and it is displayed in a common area in the house where friends and family can visit.