Cheap Casket Alternatives that Will Not Decimate Your Wallet

It is best to take a family member or a friend when you go shopping for caskets. They can give you advice and offer your immeasurable support. Since funeral homes sell caskets, they typically offer the most pricey ones straight away. Usually, these brands are the ones on display.

If you want to see the cheaper caskets, you may have to ask them to show it to you. Even though they are running a business, funeral professionals are compassionate human beings. They will always respect your choices and put your best interest at heart.


Opt for Unique Alternatives

If you are unhappy with the typical caskets you see in the funeral parlor or online, then you may want to go for creative alternatives. These unique caskets will not empty your pocketbooks, and instead, they will still allow you to bury your loved one with respect. Consider the following alternative choices below:

  • Simple Unfinished Wood Casket: This is one of the oldest forms of caskets, and they do still exist. They won’t cost as much as the other caskets that are lined, embellished, and engraved with unique designs. For instance, a simple pine casket will cost around $500.
  • Wicker Coffins: A lot of people are now going for a “green burial.” They don’t want to harm mother earth with their casket choice. Most modern caskets take a long time to biodegrade. Woven willow caskets are a great alternative that costs less than a thousand dollars.
  • Cardboard Caskets: A super simple, unadorned cardboard casket is an excellent choice for people who have a tight budget. These are also great for an eco-friendly burial. This kind of casket will only set you back by around $200.
  • Cloth Caskets: In some religions, it is not uncommon to wrap their departed kin in blankets or swatches of cloth. If money is really an issue, going this simple route is still a dignified way to inter the dead. The best part about this is that you can use the deceased’s favorite blanket, so you don’t even have to spend much.

Perhaps, the only caveat of these more straightforward and cheaper alternatives is that these don’t usually come with a viewing window. During a service, the casket will be closed, and no one can see the face of the deceased anymore. The solution that most people do is they place a beautiful picture of their dearly beloved on top of their alternative casket.


Final Word

If you find yourself overwhelmed when you are in the showroom, it is okay to step out and get a breather. Take all the time in the world so that you can choose the best casket for your loved one. You are also not pressured to buy a casket from a funeral home, so you can check alternate casket vendors to scout for the best prices.

Should you not have the budget to pick a pricey casket, this is not something to be ashamed of. The most important thing here is your honest intent to provide a touching and respectable burial that celebrates the life of your deceased loved one. No matter what casket you choose, the goal is for this dearly departed person to have an honorable resting place so that he or she can rest in peace for all of eternity.