Funeral Etiquette

In every occasion or gathering, there are certain rules to follow in doing things right. Attending a funeral, wake, or memorial is not an exemption. Funeral etiquette is a very essential thing that somebody has to observe all the time.

  • Be There On Time

Exert all effort to arrive at the funeral home or church early. It would be good if you will be there 20 minutes before the scheduled funeral service. Take your seat silently and humbly wait for the family to arrive. The first several rows are normally assigned for the members of the family and dear friends of the departed, so it is advisable for you to stay around the middle of the sanctuary. If the casket is open, take the opportunity to have a last glance at the deceased.

  • Involve Yourself

Generally, a funeral is being led by ministry member or assigned speaker. You have to participate in the ceremony. Stand during the prayers if there’s a need to. Funeral songs will most likely be rendered; if you are familiar with the lyrics it would be good if you will also sing with the congregation or group. If you think there’s no need for you to participate, just stay quiet and remain solemn.

  • Observe Proper Dress Code

Funeral services are generally ceremonial gatherings. Be aware of the attire and the way how you behave. Do it in a manner that shows your veneration for the departed. Simple get up or business attire will be accepted. Try not to wear party dresses. Suit with a traditional tie is recommended for men.

  • Adhere to the Order of Dismissal

As a general practice, family members have to follow the coffin out of the church during funeral processions. Dismissal is often being done observing a certain order. Leave the place without delay following the suggested sequence. If you plan to witness the burial ceremony, get to your vehicle swiftly and wait for the signal from the traffic administrators. Headlights need to be turned on to denote to other drivers that you are part of the procession.