How to Personalize Funeral Casket Decoration

funeral casketsThere is no denying that funeral caskets are, by themselves, a hefty investment so any additional decoration on them, be it a garland or a bouquet of flowers, will also spell more expense for the family. If you want your loved one to still be honored with a beautiful casket décor without having to spend more, you can create a few items yourself. Aside from saving money, you will have a customized casket that nobody else had before.

Funeral homes have a wealth of information on florists and suppliers of casket accessories. You can ask these vendors if they have some materials you need. For a floral arrangement, you can make one with a floral foam, some wires, and ribbons. By picking flowers from your own backyard or purchasing those that you know were the deceased’s favorite, you are adding a special touch. Tuck in a religious symbol like a rosary or a cross, along with some photographs of your loved one, to make their casket more unique. Memorabilia like medals from their military service or miniature race cars to represent their hobby or interest, will allow you to showcase their personality.