What to Expect in a Christian Memorial Service

funeral serviceA quiet chapel inside most funeral homes is often the venue of a memorial service. Although it is built for clients of different religious backgrounds and denominations, you are bound to be invited to such chapel to attend a Christian memorial. If you are not one, you can quietly observe the services that are specifically arranged to honor the life and beliefs of the one who passed. You can also expect that certain details are generally followed.


  • Opening Prayer or Hymn. This signals the start of the memorial and usually led by a member of the deceased’s family or by the minister officiating the memorial.


  • Commemoration and Scripture Reading. Since the memorial is held primarily to remember and celebrate a life well lived but was lost, then a reading of the obituary or any speech about the deceased will take place. If the family desires to omit that part, they can go directly to the reading of chosen passages from the Holy Bible.


  • Personal Memories and Sermon. Whether spontaneously conducted or prepared ahead of time, this part of the service will allow you to take a glimpse of the deceased through the eyes of their close friends, family members, and others who had shared a relationship with them. The minister will thereafter convey a message to comfort them in their grief.


  • Closing Prayer and Benediction. This signals the end of the service. Funeral songs may also be played.



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