Incorporating Meaningful Quotes in your Eulogy

Incorporating Meaningful Quotes in your Eulogy l BrantfordKnowing how to write eulogy is a pretty simple task. But once you are writing one for somebody that you are deeply connected to, coming up with the correct words and lines to your paragraph becomes extremely difficult.

The premise of a eulogy is simple; and that is to honor and eulogize the deceased person for the kind of life that he has lived. If coming up with the words becomes extra challenging, there will always be funeral poems and quotes where you can draw inspiration from. Using quotes on your speech can actually bring numerous benefits to your writing.

  • The main point of making eulogy for a deceased loved one is to praise him for all his contributions to the lives of the people that he interacted with. So you need to make sure that you add true life stories that will uplift the persona of your loved one. The quotes are only used to add accents to your speech.
  • The use of different funeral quotes in your eulogy makes your speech relatable to everybody while your personal experiences with the deceased turn your eulogy into a very personal and sincere talk. The combination of the two is what will make your speech unique and appealing to the listeners during the memorial or service.
  • To maximize the use of quotes in your eulogy, you should not only state the quotation and the author but you also have to inject personal experiences with the deceased that will somehow support the meaning or the gist of the quote that you have used.
  • If the family is Christian, you can get several quotes from the bible and take lines from the scriptures and readings there. Using quotes from the bible will also reassure the family that the soul of their loved one will be taken care of by God.