Retirement Planning Seminars for Teachers, Principals, Support Staff

Retirement Planning Seminars for Teachers, Principals, Support StaffOne of the events that will be beneficial to teachers, principals, and other support staff will be the Retirement Planning Seminars series.

This seminar is specifically organized for the school faculty members so that they can get a financial plan that will be perfect for their retirement in the future.

This event is scheduled to be held in three different locations and they will all commence in April 2013.

Retirement planning does not only include pension plans, legal issues, and retirement benefits, but also estate planning, funeral planning, and retirement organization memberships.

There will be separate event locations in North, East, and West Toronto. York Mills Collegiate will be the venue for the North and the dates will be every Wednesday of April 2013.

The Wexford School for the Arts is the venue for the East and the schedules for the East venue is every Tuesday of April. For the west, the Etobicoke Administration Offices will be the assigned venue where the seminar will happen every Monday of April.

Bill Tajer will be the facilitator of the program and he is a well-known educator who has a lot of information about the process of retirement since he is a retired employee himself.

There will be a total of four seminars and the major topics will be discussed from the legalities of retirement to the benefits that a retired teacher will be getting. In addition to that, one of the main topics will be financial planning and this will be where the participants will learn about managing investments, preserving their estates, pensions, hiring an advisor, prices for planning a funeral, and even the prices for cremation as well.

The Retirement planning Seminars for Teachers, Principals, Support Staff Spring 2013 will require the interested parties to submit a registration form to be admitted to the venue.