What to do for someone who has lost a family member?

woman in grief, woman cryingThough every person knows that death is an inevitable part of human existence, it is still hard to come to terms with it, especially when the person you love is the one that passes on. This is a tumultuous period that inflicts pain, suffering, and sadness on the bereaved family and friends. After planning a funeral, it feels tragic to go back to an incomplete home where the glaring absence of the deceased is felt. How does one move on after all the funeral ceremonies are done?

If you are close to someone who has recently lost a loved one, as a supportive friend, you have to find ways to show your deepest sympathy. More than giving flowers or cards, show your sincere intention through action. Right now, what your grieving friend needs the most is comfort. Your presence is more than enough. However, if you want to go the extra mile, there are activities that you can do to show that you care. Of course, you will only engage in these plans with the consent of your friend. Consider the following suggestions below:

Go on a Picnic

If someone you know is feeling down, one great thing to do for them is taking them out on a picnic. Picnics allow you to bond with a person. A cozy picnic in the park will help clear the head of your mourning friend. Fresh air, the clear blue skies, and the greenery will work wonders! Partaking on a picnic will give you the time to talk and rationalize emotions. Prepare all the food and other paraphernalia so your friend can have a relaxing time. As a bonus, when food is involved, moods are boosted because a happy tummy usually equates to a happy human.

Hit the Beach for Some Vitamin Sea

Take your friend out for some much-needed sun therapy. It is common knowledge that nature has healing properties. The calming beach waves, bright summer sun, and cool sea breeze are relaxing and therapeutic. The sun’s bright yellow rays also evoke positive and happy feelings. An added perk is the sun gives loads of vitamin D, which will do wonders to boost your immunity. Being at the beach will pave the way for your grieving friend to take a pause, loosen up, and even reflect on life.

Have a Cry-Fest over an Inspiring Movie

Part of the grieving and healing process is acknowledging your deep feelings. Crying is a great way to release these overwhelming emotions. Do it with your friend over an inspiring movie to let lose those long-held back tears. Additionally, this type of film provides insights on life which might help those in mourning put things into perspective, allowing them to process and understand their feelings and grow from the experience.

Do Some Much-Needed Retail Therapy

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to shop? While it may seem superficial, the ultimate goal of retail therapy is to spend time with each other. Apart from that, this is also a great way to distract your friend. You help the bereaved family members boost their mood by going around and looking at nice stuff. Sometimes both of you may even end up buying simple things that make you happy. Seeing animated scenes will remind your dear friend that life goes on.

Engage in Cooking Fun in the Kitchen

Food has the power to bring so much comfort to someone who has just lost a relative. A wonderful thing to do for your dear friend is to cook together. Don’t just give the bereaved family dishes but encourage them to go with you into the kitchen. Do a recipe that they love to eat, and make another that’s totally exotic. Not only will you be spending quality time together, but you will also be nourishing your hearts and tummies. After all, there is truth to the adage that a way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

Take a JOY Ride

Sometimes what people really need during these trying times in life is just time…time to reflect and escape the horrors of the world. Taking a joy ride is a great way to give someone this precious gift of time. Doing a joy ride will distract your friend and will give him or her time to think, reflect, and spend time with you. Even if it means just driving around for hours going nowhere, being close to each other in the car is already comforting. Moreover, talking in an informal setting like a car ride makes it easier for anyone to express themselves and just release their emotions and reflect on life.

Final Word

When your friend is suffering because of a beloved’s passing, it is your responsibility to step up and help with the healing process. Coping with a loss is never easy, so you must extend your patience. It may be tough, but you must persist in showing your love and concern. Remember, presence is the best present and form of support.