“Dear John” performed by Styx

https://img.discogs.com/6TqmE1aO98VGTepHIi07azN-M8c=/fit-in/300x300/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(40)/discogs-images/R-8817727-1469403072-7027.jpeg.jpgDear john I knew you
About as well as anyone
We were the wild ones
So sure those days would never end
Now they’re only memories my friend

Dear john I’ll see you
Someday again

I swear I saw you
On a crowded street today
I almost called your name
Thinking of all those yesterdays
Heaven help me
How I miss my friend

Dear john I’ll see you
Someday again

There’ll be a celebration
When all will be revealed
We’ll have a reunion
High on a hill

Dear john how are you
God know it’s heaven where you are
Find some peace there
May it never end

Dear john my heart knows
We’ll meet again
Dear john I’ll see you….
Someday again


Unlike many songs about death, “Dear John” seems to have a happy mood. The song starts with guitar strumming at a light and lively tempo and the Styx sung it just like they would sing a happy country song. Why is that? The singer was singing about the way he is missing his dear friend John who have just passed away. His memory of John is so much still alive that he felt he has seen John among the crowds and even called his name only to realize that he is only just imagining it. The song has a sprightly tempo because the singer knows that someday he will again see John and spend time with him. This sounds like the Christian doctrine of the resurrection when the two will meet again ‘high on a hill.” The singer also assumes that John is now happily residing in heaven where all his problems and stresses are all gone. This happy and hopeful thought is reflected in the way the song was performed by the Styx. There are more funeral songs that celebrates life at www.songmeanings.net. If you plan to sing songs for an upcoming funeral service, this is the site that you need to visit.