“I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye” performed by Linda Eder

The leaves must turn
The wind must blow
The heart must learn
When it’s time for the heart to let go
But when I think of you
My heart knows why
I don’t know how to say goodbye

The world moves on
With no regret
And though you’re gone
There are feelings I’ll never forget
So I remember you
And though I try
I don’t know how to say goodbye


The house we used to share
Still looks as if you’re there
And I won’t change a single thing
Not even the wedding ring I wear

The evenings fall
Much harder now
The stars grow small
And the moon seems so different somehow
But every time I think of you
The moon and I
Know you’re the only reason why
I don’t know how to say goodbye


Sung very beautifully yet sadly by Linda Eber, “I Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye” will surely induce the tears to fall in the eyes of those who will hear it played or sung in a funeral service. How could it not make you cry when you hear the words “The house we used to share still looks as if you’re there?” If you will examine the lyrics of the song, it could really qualify for a great love song. However, when Eber sings the lines “And I won’t change a single thing. Not even the wedding ring I wear,” you would realize that it is an ode to her lover who would never be able to return because he has already crossed over the great divide.


The song even enters a more melancholic mood when the singer says “The evenings fall much harder now. The stars grow small…. The moon seems so different somehow.” This led her to admit that she does not really “know how to say goodbye.” The sentiment of this song makes it fitting for a funeral service. If you are searching for songs with the same kind of sentiment, you can find more of them at www.songmeanings.net.