How to Plan a Funeral on a Budget?

Losing a loved one is devastating. To make things worse, incurring massive financial setbacks is also a huge possibility after death, especially if there’s no emergency fund or insurance in place. Enduring financial hardships because of the demise of your loved one can be brutal. However, funeral planning doesn’t have to break the bank. You can plan an affordable but meaningful funeral without overspending.

Keep in mind, just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean the funeral will automatically look cheap. What can you do if you have minimal funds to spend on your loved one’s funeral? Though you may have to compromise a bit, you can still prepare classy memorial and funeral services to honor the memory of the one who passed away. Read on below to take a look at top tips that can help you curb your funeral expenses. Taking control of the process equates to saving thousands of dollars.


Compare Different Prices 

You can call various funeral homes to inquire about their price list for different packages and services. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for a quote because the law stipulates that these businesses must be honest and forthright about charges. When you a detailed price list from various service providers, you can compare the costs. Having accurate numbers to work with can help you make informed choices instead of making “guess-timates”.


Consider Direct Burial or Direct Cremation

When you are looking to cut costs, the least expensive choice is usually a direct burial or direct cremation. The former means the body is immediately buried upon death. You cut the costs as there’s no more embalming. Moreover, you don’t hold a wake or last visitation for the dead. Similarly, direct cremation is the cheapest method as you can do away with the other services like care of the body, memorial event fees, and the like.

Remember, these honorable final disposition methods will provide a dignified “exit” for your loved ones without creating a huge dent in your bank account. Though these no-frills services are basic, they still help you celebrate the memory of your loved one and allow you to say goodbye respectfully. Besides, people will understand and not judge you for your choice to simplify things.


Select a Very Simple Casket

One of the biggest expenses you can make when planning is the casket. This object can run from thousands to tens of thousands, depending on what you choose. Thankfully, you can find a casket that fits your limited budget because there is a broad ray of choices in the market. Don’t be afraid to ask your funeral director about the cheapest casket alternatives. Honest and reputable services will not push you to buy higher-priced items, which may even be unnecessary.

Today, you can also use the following affordable carriers to ensconce the remains:

  • Simple cardboard box casket
  • Plain wicker coffin
  • Cloth or burial shroud


Hold the Service in a Private Location

Holding the service in a funeral home can cost a lot as you pay for the venue and other miscellaneous expenses. When you hold the service in a funeral home, expect to pay at least a thousand dollars. For best results, choose a meaningful location that will not levy an exorbitant fee. You can choose to hold the services in your home or your church hall.

Noteworthy, mosques, temples, churches, or synagogues are more affordable than a funeral home. You can count on the minister to officiate without charges, though giving a small honorarium may make you feel more comfortable. At times, with proper permission, you can also hold it for free in a park. Just make sure you check with the proper authorities before you make the final decision.


Cut Back on Funeral Flowers

Though flowers are very pretty, they cost so much, especially those big flower arrangements. Buying funeral flowers can add up. If you are truly strapped for cash, forgo the flowers and save thousands. They do beautify the place, but they are not a necessary expense.

However, if, for some reason, you cannot skip the flowers, you can make your own pretty arrangements. Order flowers in bulk and do the styling yourself. On top of that, visitors will most likely bring flowers, so there will certainly be a bud or two even if you decide to forgo flowers altogether.


Consider Donating the Body for Science

Though this may sound like a radical choice, sometimes, people just have no other option because there’s just no extra funds. If you think this is something you may face, don’t forget to discuss this with your loved one ahead, especially when death is imminent due to an illness. Medical schools are willing to accept and appreciate bodies donated for the purpose of studies and research.

You can take comfort in knowing that the remains will serve a higher purpose in furthering medicine and helping with education. Once the studies are done, the schools will conduct the cremation and give you the cremated remains or ashes back in an urn. The cost of this endeavor is zero dollars.


Final Wrap Up

If you are thinking of cutting funeral expenses, you don’t have to feel ashamed. Your loved one would certainly not want you to suffer financially because of their demise. If money is tight, you have many options that allow you to cut costs tremendously. Have you ever planned an affordable funeral? If you’re thinking about it, what are your suggestions? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.