Why are Caskets so Expensive?

When your loved one passes away, whether it is because of a long-term disease or a sudden unexpected illness, the last thing on your mind will be what casket to choose as the final vessel for your dearly departed’s remains. You will naturally be consumed with grief with your mind going blank and your emotions going on overdrive.

It is perfectly understandable why you struggle to choose which among the many types of caskets out there you ought to buy. But it is a decision you must bravely face because a casket is an essential and expensive component of a traditional funeral.


The Common Theme Among All Caskets

One recurring theme you will undoubtedly notice when you’re browsing for a casket is the cost. This standard funeral item that holds the deceased is very expensive. It seems unfair that you already lost a loved one, and now, you will also lose a great big chunk of your money.

A lot of families concur that planning a funeral is very costly, with the casket as the priciest item on your funeral budget. Even a simple no-frills box will set you back thousands of dollars. Thankfully, there is a broad range of casket designs which you can choose from, so you can stay within your budget.

If you have extra money to spare and you want to go all out and say goodbye in style, you can peruse the top-of-the-line caskets with engraved designs and fancy embellishments. Just be sure you’re ready to spend in the six digits!


The Heart-Pounding Price Factor

One of the primary factors that amplify the price of a casket is how the manufacturers produce it and the materials used to make it. Remember, you are not choosing any ordinary piece of furniture. This object will house the remains of your loved one, so all manufacturers take great pains to ensure that the deceased can leave the ethereal world in a dignified and honorable manner.

In general, caskets are expensive, because they craft special seals to assure that no chemical embalming scent comes out. Other families spend more on a pricier airtight casket with rubber gaskets and a special locking system because they want nothing like unsightly elements or even moisture to get into the casket, guaranteeing the body of your loved one is completely alone to have an all-natural decomposition.

Apart from that, choosing bronze or stainless steel ones over wooden caskets increase the zeros in the price tag. Even the kind of wood used will make the price vary considerably. Common pine is cheaper, whereas a rare hardwood like mahogany is pricier.

If you pick those with special floral designs or engraving, then you will also have to pay more for this customization. All of these factors, when added together, can significantly increase the cost of your chosen casket. On top of that, you may have to deal with a funeral-parlor mark-up that adds a bit more to the MSRP or manufacturer suggested retail price.


Symbolic Functions of Casket

It is clear to everyone in the world that the basic function of this box is to hold the deceased; but in many ways, the casket is more than that. In a traditional funeral, your chosen casket remains the centerpiece during the memorial service. All eyes will be on this casket, so it is a logical decision to pick a presentable one.

Since your loved one will also lay down on this casket and stay encased in it for all eternity, you want only the best for him or her. Some people even develop an emotional attachment to the casket because they see it as a symbol of their loved one’s body. It is not uncommon to see crying family members hugging a closed casket.

Furthermore, when you analyze the situation, your chosen casket is the last thing everyone sees in a burial. All eyes will be fixed on this poignant box as the deceased is laid down on his or her final resting place. You can’t put a price in this kind of memory.


Bottom Line

Most of the time, people tend to spend more on funerals because they are unable to make sound decisions since they are under so much pressure. Grief can cloud good judgment, so it is quite common for bereaved family members to make hasty decisions. With careful planning and the right advice, you will be able to make a sound decision, so you can stop worrying about your casket budget and instead focus on your grief.