Tips on How to Move on From Grieving

We witness how families grieve for their lost family member by going to their funeral ceremonies.  I’ve been to some, and you can feel the sad and gloomy the atmosphere would be. Once the casket gets lowered, cries of sorrow fill the area, which makes you tear up witnessing the scene. I have also experienced losing a relative, and it was sad hearing stories about how she was treated by my aunt and how she regrets the mistakes she made in the past.

One of the things that can help us cope up with grieve is funeral quotes since it inspires us to move forward with our lives and at the same time, remember our happy memories with them. The quotes also make us reflect on our actions and activities in the present and figuring out if we are satisfied with our life today.

Moving on from a special someone may be similar to moving on from a heartbreak.

  1. Learn to accept and feel your emotions.

Losing someone is not easy to take in and accepting it may take time for some. Other people try to show a brave face and disregard their feelings because it just hurts them more thinking about it. In this phase of your life, rejecting the idea is bad and unhealthy for your psychological well-being. As much as possible, you are encouraged to accept and let go of your emotions even for one night.

According to science, unresolved grief can lead to more complicated health problems such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Ignoring the pain and keeping it for yourself would make it even worse. Healing is really necessary for this kind of problem. The way to heal yourself is by dealing with the problem and acceptance.  Releasing your emotions like crying loud or venting out to someone your feelings is healthier than keeping it in.

  1. Show them how you really feel because you are allowed to grieve.

We live in a society today where we empty our feelings and grief and get back to where you left off. If we go back to the time when our ancestors handle griefs, they give in to the point where they’d want to wear black clothes for a month. You may not know, but the purpose of wearing black clothes was to remind people that you are a grieving person. Wearing black clothes has become a tradition for most people. If you want to wear a black veil and sunglasses, you can. Being honest to what you feel will make people respect your need for peace.

There are also people in this world who would mind other people’s opinion than respecting their feelings. This type of mentality is toxic, and this can result in dilemmas. If you are grieving, show people what you feel. Showing them a fake façade will make you a fake person. This will be one of the most fragile days of your life, and it’s never bad to show your true feelings.

  1. Be with friends who truly care about you.

You might want to find alone time in a park or somewhere peaceful, and that’s okay. Eventually, you should let people in so they can help you move on. Even if you’re an introvert and you find peace by yourself, being with friends or a confidant can make moving on an easy process.  Isolation isn’t the best solution for this type of problem because it can add up to your loneliness and the feeling of no one caring about you. Allow yourself to be surrounded by amazing people who can be with you in your journey of healing.

  1. Never forget to take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself because the person who died wants you to live and you should find the will to do so. A month or a week may pass, and if you still haven’t found your will to move on, you should tire yourself with your work or beautify your home so you can see changes for yourself.

Another thing to remember is to take care of yourself. There are cases where people who overwork slip this out of their mind. Even with your busy schedule, you should make sure you get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods since it can help in boosting your mood. You can also figure out what you need to do to feel healthy like exercising, reading inspirational books, going out with friends, and more.

  1. Avoid the use of substances to numb yourself

We watch movies, and we sometimes notice their ways of coping up with their stress, depression, and grieve, and that is using drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is fine to intake if you drink responsibly and you don’t abuse it, like drinking every day. It is common knowledge about how these can be dangerous to your health that is why, you shouldn’t think of using them. Drugs and alcohol will only make you forget your problem for a while. Instead of turning to that course, if you think you’re not thinking healthy, go for counseling, and maybe focus your thought on improving your life. Healthily distracting yourself will help you move on.

  1. Heal in your own way

You may reach a certain point where your colleagues, friends, and other acquaintances, tell you how you should feel and you shouldn’t listen to them, heal in your way.

Every person is unique, and they make their own choices. They shouldn’t be told what to do and, what not to do. It may take months or years to heal yourself, it doesn’t matter, because not everyone heals through time.