Unusual Funeral Terms That You Need To Understand

Not too many people know the meaning of the most unusual funeral terms being used today in the funeral service industry. You may think that there’s really no need for you to understand the meaning of these terminologies. Perhaps you think that the common funeral terms that you know are already more than enough. Is the morbidity related to funerals the thing that makes people afraid to know and understand their meanings? If you are someone who is not afraid to know, here are the simple explanations of the industry’s most unusual funeral terms.

  1. Committal Service

A committal service is basically a simple ritual that is done immediately after the funeral service. It is actually a part of the funeral service where the final disposition of the remains of the dearly departed takes place. If the remains of the dead were cremated, the committal service can be done at the funeral home or any place that the family members have chosen. But if the dead is buried in a cemetery, the committal service is done right at the grave. Since it is really a part of the funeral rites, the committal service is just a short ritual involving prayers, testimonials and songs for the departed. Most families would like this service to be private, but there is no law that prohibits friends of the family from attending.


  1. Honorarium

You may know about a thing or two about the word “honorarium.” This word is commonly regarded as the fee given to someone who has provided a special service to somebody or a group. Honorarium also basically means the same when applied in the funeral industry. It is the payment given to a minister or a member of the clergy by the remaining family members in appreciation for the officiating that the minister has provided in the funeral service. The payment is provided without any liability made to the officiating minister for the services he has rendered since it was done in a voluntary capacity.


  1. Inurnment

Inurnment simply means respectfully placing the cremated remains of the departed into an urn. Therefore, this term is specifically related to the process of cremation. Typically, after inurnment, the cremated remains are then entombed or interred in the final resting place which could be a crypt, a niche or a grave.  Sometimes you may hear of the term “inurnment service.” It is basically the same thing. Therefore, it is typically included in the funeral service but is given a special care and attention because it is the last time that the family members and friends will be seeing the remains of the dearly departed.


  1. Memorial Folder

In some funeral service, you may be given a sort of a keepsake for the event. It may contain some printed copies of photos and information about the dearly departed. This is organized and made by the remaining family members. What you have been given is a memorial folder and you can take it home with you after the funeral service is over. Usually, the folder also contains the funeral service program which is why it can also be called a service folder. As such, they are handed out to all the attendees of the funeral service. Since the memorial folder is about the dearly departed and will function as a keepsake, it is crafted with special care and designed to represent his or her life and personality.


  1. Postlude

You may have heard of the word “prelude,” but are you aware of the term “postlude?” Prelude means something that precedes or introduces something that follows. In that sense, postlude refers to something that follows after an event. In a funeral service, a postlude means the music that is played at the close of the service. Typically, the music is played in an organ. The postlude serves as the final touches of the funeral service. It is played after the recessional songs are sung. There is also another big difference between the prelude and the postlude: whereas the former only functions as a preparation for an event, the latter also acts as the transition music to the reception that usually follows after the service. We all know that it is becoming popular these days to hold a reception, where snacks and other goodies are served right after the funeral service.